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This letter is to inform you of my knowledge of Lee Ellis as a worker and as I know him personally. I got to know Lee when he was the painting subcontractor for me on the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. Lee is an excellent painter and did an excellent job for me there. This project was real challenging in the way that the subcontractors had to work around objects to get to their work areas. Lee never complained about it and could always engineer a system that could get him where he needed to be. In fact he was so good at it that other subs would come to him to find out how he would get to an area they needed. He was always on time and spent many extra-long hours and weekends working to make sure the project finished on time. Lee really took pride in his work and would think ahead to see if there was a better way to do things. I could always count on Lee, if he said he would get something done for me by a certain time, and then I knew it would get done. Lee has a lot of knowledge as far as the construction field goes.



Leon Deitlaf 


Super Intendant


My position within Jacobsen 

Construction is Project Superintendent on the RTI TASS Phase 2 Project on Camp Williams. And I have work closely with Lee on a day to day basis for over a year and have watched him as he interacted in Sub Contractor Meetings on a weekly basis and have found him to not only represent himself with dignity and professionalism but also have seen this same reflection in his interaction with those who are under him as well. His coordination and attitude of getting the job done, not only in a timely manner but with quality is rarely seen these days and it is a breath of fresh air to see that there are people like Lee that take pride in their work. Lee had some difficult paint assignments and it was great to see him figure out how to apply these technical aspects of the job which demonstrates a person who is highly skilled and takes on challenges to see them through to the end. Working with Lee was not only a joy but a privilege. His interaction with owner representatives along with the Project Architects was very professional and courteous. His knowledge of his trade is above any I have worked with, this really impressed me and I would enjoy working with Lee again on any Project that I am overseeing.



Kenneth Cavey

Project Superintendent




I am the president and owner of All Seasons Construction Company. As a general contractor who specializes in commercial tenant finish projects, I have had the opportunity of having Lee Ellis work on and complete many projects for me, both large and small. His work is such that I specifically request he work for me.In addition to my business projects, Lee has painted my personal home. He is a true professional in all respects. His attitude and quality of work are unsurpassed and I would highly recommend him.

If you have further questions regarding 

Lee, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you,

Brick Loring President, All Season

Construction Company